Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs and Feel Free to Contact Us

What is the minimum internet speed needed?

For the channels in HD and/or FHD format to play without buffering issues up to 20 Mbps is required. If you are in a different continent than Europe you may need a faster speed because some is lost in intercontinental connections. If you are not sure a 1 day trial subscription can be arranged so you can test the service.

How many device can I connect to each subscription?

Multiple connections are not allowed. You can have the subscription installed on more than one device but you can only connect one device at the time. If you need to connect with more than one device at the same time you will need a subscription for each device.

NOTE: MAG devices are not suggested anymore as they cause security issues and put your subscription at risk. If you still want to use a MAG box (at your own risk) you will ONLY be able to access the service through the MAG box and no additional devices.

What devices are compatible with the service?

Supported Systems are:

Smart TVs Samsung, LG or with full Android System – Android devices (smartphones, tablets, boxes) – iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) – Amazon devices – Enigma 2 devices – PC/Mac.

Check our Apps Page for more details.

NOTE: MAG boxes 2xx series and 3xx series are still supported but not suggested anymore for security reasons, as they put the subscription at risk of being hacked. You can still use a MAG box, at your own risk.

When will I receive the subscription after payment?

The package activation can take up to 24 hours. Usually within 2 hours after successful payment. Please be patient after your purchase, our support team will contact you after payment is received.

Orders made after 9:00 pm (GMT) will be processed the next day, when support team is online again.

Does the service works in every country?

Yes, the service works everywhere in the world (apart from China and Iran).

NOTE: in very few countries a VPN service may be needed to access the service. Please contact us if you want to know more.